VenuePolar™ is an EASE® Focus plugin that automates the loudspeaker system design for the Community IV6 Modular Vertical Array. This tool quickly calculates the number and type of cabinets, frame angle, splay angle, and how to set the 55 Passive Acoustic Optimization settings on each IV6 cabinet in a venue layout. 

The VenuePolar plugin is included within the IV6 GLL (v 3.03 or later) file.

  • Automatic configuration for an IV6 array

    • Cabinet quantity

    • Cabinet model 

    • Frame angle

    • Splay angle

    • Passive filter optimization

  • Mechanical loads and safety factor calculator​

Key Features

Start Tab:

  • Define your desired system performance

    • Choose target audience areas

  • Select array characteristics​

    • How loud?​

    • How much low frequency control?

    • Do I need to enhance coverage for the front or last row?

    • Does my application restrict the size of the array?

  • Calculate the array ​

Array Tab:

  • Shows the recommended array configuration 

Loads Tab:

  • Indicates if an array is too large

  • Enables setting of the minimum allowable weights & safety factors

After You're Done, Create a Report

It will help with ordering the right parts

  • Correct number of cabinets

  • Correct type of cabinets

  • Correct splay brackets 

  • And suspension array frame

Aids in commissioning the system onsite​

  • Indicates physical position of passive acoustic optimization cabinet settings

  • Provides aiming details for the entire array 

  • Provides load report for onsite engineering 

Watch VenuePolar Tutorial

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