IV6 Array




Can easily be configured as a line array, a constant curvature or an adaptive array.

IV6 is a scalable, adaptive sound reinforcement system featuring multiple vertically arrayable elements designed to be used in combination or separately, and with or without splay between cabinets, providing an extensive range of vertical coverage angle and throw distance configurations.


  • 5 degree and 15 degree two-way elements and 18” subwoofer

  • Designed for permanent installation

  • Versatile configurations for both constant curve and line array applications

  • Built-in Passive Acoustic Optimization settings allow array response shaping using one amplifier channel

  • Exclusive Acoustic Optimization module integrated into EASE® Focus 3

  • Indoor and outdoor models

Modular, Adaptive and Scalable


Customer Testimonials

“I feel as though the IV6 system changed our worship service and taken it to a whole new level.”   

Kristie Sturghill

Minister of Music, World Overcomers Church

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